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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, Mirrors, Metal Clay, and Movies


Here's the lovely card I received from my daughter (although when I asked who "we" were—because inside it says "we love you"—Monica informed me the card was from her and Gabe… my guess is Gabe probably didn't even know about the card).

I asked Mon how she made this and she said she pressed the flowers in her Math book. I find that completely endearing.


BTW, here's a photo (it's mine, so I can rag on it all I want) that is a perfect example of what I was talking about the other day. If you take photos of jewelry on mirrors, I think you give a completely erroneous impression of what's for sale.

In this photo, you can be told that it's a two-strand bracelet, but the photo itself imparts a much more substantial visual impression on the brain of the viewer.

Agree or not?

If not, I may do an experiment soon where I show jewelry both ways. You will see how much "skimpier" the reality jewelry looks compared with the "fluffed up" photo of it shot on a mirror.

But then… this leads us (or me, anyway) to…

If that's visually deceptive (subconsciously speaking), then isn't it also deceptive to show an enlarged photo of an item? You can TELL the buyer how big it is so they don't get the wrong impression by the enlarged photo, but it still sets a subconscious "visual image" into the buyer.

Yep. I stand at fault of that.

I guess we have to pick and choose our battles. I won't shoot on a mirror, but I will show enlarged photos of my work for sale.

Never throw stones. Hee hee…


So I woke up this morning to the realization I never heard the kiln beeping when it finished last night. Monica said she heard it… and spent five minutes trying to figure out how to turn her alarm clock off. Ha ha ha! Sorry, Mon.

No fab patinas, but in case you haven't been following my blog, I'm not getting attached to the patinas because I know they're not permanent. I'm not sure how transitory they are, but I don't want to market something based on a color subject to rapid fading.

One of my hollows changed shape slightly and came apart. I'll show you when I take pics. I'm anxious to get home tonight so I can start sanding and buffing (or whatever it's called).


We finished all our NetFlix… sending them back today. One was a Mystery Science Theater. I usually watch those on the weekends without kids. Then Mon and I watched Patriot Games and yesterday the three of us (yay Gabe!) watched Field of Dreams.

I know Mon put some stuff in the queue. I want to get back to my seven up series. Next is age 21.

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