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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Classes I've been Teaching and Attending

Most of December, January, February and March were and will be taken up with getting ready to teach, teaching, or being taught. 

In December, I held my first official jewelry making class.  We did the trio of spiral earrings.

It being my first class and all, I forgot to take photos of the ladies’ finished pieces, but let me tell you they looked exactly like the photos above.  These women rocked!  Little to no previous jewelry making experience and they did some pretty involved techniques.

Here you can see one of them fusing ball-end headpins.

And here we’re all hard at work making our spirals.

A few days later I was off to Hadar’s where I picked up more skills in the metal clay techniques I’ll be teaching.

Also received my certificate of accreditation after the year long course learning Hadar’s clays and techniques.

I’m now listed on Hadar’s website as one of her accredited teachers.

In January, I returned to Hadar’s for more learning.

In February, I taught my first etching class. 

The students were amazing!  So creative and easy to work with.  I was astounded at what they produced.  I didn’t photograph any of the pieces they made from the computer printout images, but it looked like the stuff shown on the class flyer.

Where I thought they really excelled was in the more imaginative pieces where they drew their own designs and/or incorporated stamps and stencils onto bracelet cuffs.  These designs were etched in under five minutes.

Then it was back to Berkeley for another couple of days of metal clay.

So I’ve added a link on my website for upcoming (and past) classes.  I’ve got two classes I need to go to in March, so I may not plan any more classes to give until April, but hopefully we’ll keep rolling through the summer with more classes.

And for anyone who doesn’t live in the area, two of those spiral earrings are made in my eclass with CraftArtEdu.  Click here to see the class.

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