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Saturday, October 19, 2013

still at the Yucatan

p.s.  will fix all typos and add more photos and info once I return home.

 our next stop was chichen itza.  I think it was on that second leg of the bus ride that the air conditioner stopped working.   the temperature on the bus read  35  which is 95  Fahrenheit I believe.   not so bad for a regular day where I come from but we have zero humidity in Penryn.   here, 95  is a little different.   those in humid climates know what I mean.   I'm a lotmore okay with  heat than most so I was feeling pretty badly for the other passengers.

 anyway,  we got to chichen itza  and had an hour long tour through the ruins.   it guide was excellent.

 this pyramid is called el castillo I  believe.   in 2007  it was named as one of the new winners of the world ( which means no more climbing in it).

 here's  the back side of it.

I  took a lot of photos at the ruins but it's hard to blog on s phone so I'll add the majority of photos after I get home.

 back on the bus,  where I probably lost  five pounds merely in sweat.   they have us water  and beer if we wanted.  I  ended up drinking for glasses of beer and one shot of some licorice liquor ( absinthe crossed my mind) during the entire bus trip.   those who know me well know how extremely unusual that is for me.

 they ended up sending another bus but it ended up being worse...  still no air but this time we also got a fully cracked front windshield and offer of urine.   shrug.   like I said I was okay.  I  mean,  in such a depressed country you can easily start to feel guilty for the luxurious like air conditioning,  unlimited food, etc.  doesn't seem right to complain if something goes awry.   and the tour itself was awesome so I was totally happy.

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