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Thursday, October 17, 2013

day 3 in cancun

 the weather is still  supremely wonderful.

 in the mornings you practically have the beach to yourself for walking.

 here's the front door to the hotel ( just to the left)...  Mom picked great...  the hotel is  ON  the beach.

when you walk in you go to the left.    then  if you turn right, you're in the restaurant...  which is tables and chairs set up on the beach.

 in the evenings they have live music...  the band plays all the songs on my Pandora list...  how crazy is that?    they also have  special dance  shows  every night.

today was  an elephant for my towel-gami.

saw  this impressive  sand carving in the making today.

tomorrow we head to chichen itza  for the day.   supposedly a three hour drive each way.

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