Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Enameling Experiments and New Copper Etched Pendants

Tried out sgraffito (an technique in enameling) the other day and ended up with some double-sided earrings for myself… yay!

Then a day or two later while the kiln (and the enamels and what not) was still out, I decided to do a little more enamling experimentation.

Did blue and green on a cheap metal filigree bead, practiced some more sgraffito, and tested out my ability to wet-pack.

Then I did a reversible pendant that I listed (click on the photo to see the listing).

Last week, I did some copper etching. I used designs that are ancient Japanese crests for these one (click on a photo to see more info):

Then I did some of my own designs for these ones…

Took Mom and Monica to Calistoga yesterday for an afternoon in the hot springs. Here are two photos from a little walk we took while up there.

Okay, hope to have word on an exciting new etching project by the next time I blog.

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  1. Piękne prace emalierskie. Brawo.