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Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Artist: Dawily (torch colored copper jewelry)

Featured Artist: Dawily

I’ve been kind of a slacker in showing you artists I’ve run across that I like. I’ll try to remedy that in the next couple of weeks.

The first I’ll mention is a fellow up in Canada who does the most amazing things with copper, fire and water.

His name is Dave… something that I can’t read because I ripped through the return address when opening the envelope and I don’t think his name is listed on his website.

But here is the website. Etsy: Dawily

Here’s a small blurb from his “read more” page on Etsy: “The colors are the natural, organically produced, oxides of copper created entirely by heat....absolutely no dyes or paints are used.......As the copper is heated it changes from raw copper color right through the range of colors you see below... “

Check these out…

I just think they’re really neat and unique. I like wearing jewelry that takes me into conversation with admirers. I love explaining how the designs are made.

BTW, absolutely top notch customer service. I highly recommend this seller.

Keeping Track of Things

Finally dealt with my latest batch of beads I purchased online. Each set is taped to half of an index card with the artist, their location, and the price written down.

Okay, going back to game 7… TTYL!

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  1. I am looking for a good and not to expensive torch. Your example of torched copper are the best I have seen BEAUTIFUL! A great big thanks Jeanie.