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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liver of Sulfur, Dancing at the Movies, Family Photo Albums, Milk


Monica and I drink non-fat milk. We like it. We’re used to it. I had no idea how “used to it” I was until this week. I bought milk, but they didn’t have non-fat so I got low-fat. Wow… I felt like I was drinking cream. It’s MASSIVELY different from non-fat. After a few days of it in my cereal, however, I’m finding myself a little too fond of it. Heh. Maybe I’ll get it once in a while just for fun.

Family Photo Albums

I was looking through old family photo albums and noticed something. In every other photo of my brother, starting as early as age six (maybe even younger), he’s dressed in some kind of costume and pretending to be somebody or something. He’s in his early 40’s now and he’s an actor. We should have all seen this coming.

So I started to look for signs of me and my natural fate. Hm… nothing. Well, nothing as obvious as my brother’s anyway. Although there weren’t any photos of all the times I played with the boxes of treasures my mom would let me dig through (buttons, old jewelry, ect), there was a photo of me playing with a chemistry set I received as a Christmas present once. I loved that thing. :-)

If you look back at your childhood photos, can you see that there was something way back then that would lead you to what/who you are now?

Dancing at the Movies

The embedding option for this YouTube video is disabled, but if you click on this link you’ll be taken to a video of dancing clips from various movies. I enjoyed it. :-)

Liver of Sulfur

And here are some AWESOME photos of jewelry and patina recipes by Holly Gage.

Funny Pictures
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  1. Laura I can't thank you enough for the great link to Holly's site. Great info.
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