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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Camera Settings, Spinner Ring Tutorial, Etsy Seller Handbook, Turning Beads into Cabs, Copyrighting Photos

Copyrighting Photos

If you’ve visited jewelry/bead forums for any length of time, you know the subject of “stolen photos” comes up every now and again.

Here’s an article about copyrighting photographs that I found rather interesting.

I used to put a watermark (and at times just a copyright notice) on every one of my jewelry photos. I don’t bother anymore. I do, however, think a watermark on certain things does make sense. If I were selling 2-dimensional artwork (photography prints, oil paintings, etc), then I would add a watermark.

Turning Beads into Cabs

Have you seen this tutorial on “Turning Beads into Cabs”? I’d like to try it. If you do, send me your photos. I’ll post ‘em!

Etsy Seller Handbook

If you sell on Etsy, this article has some nice ins and outs and useful tips.

Spinner Ring Tutorial

I love spinner rings. Would love to try making one someday. Here’s an article that’s not overly detail-oriented, but it could definitely be a helpful if you want to try your hand at this technique.


Tonight’s dinner was cod with modified beurre blanc sauce, pesto spaghetti, and grilled crookneck squash. When I saw that beurre blanc calls for 7 oz of butter (that’s 1¾ sticks!!!), I decided to change it up a bit. Instead of heavy cream, I used non-fat plain yogurt. And instead of 14 tablespoons of butter, I used three tablespoons and the juice of one lemon.

Camera Settings

So my brilliant idea for the day was to try out different settings on my camera, taking notes the whole time, and then compare the photos so really pinpoint how I want to set up my camera for jewelry photos.

Well Photoshop 7 isn’t compatible with Windows 7, and I was getting frustrated with the inability of being able to do certain things in my photo-editing software when my monitor is set-up for the highest resolution, so I had to change it back. But in order for the change to lower resolution, my computer had to log me off and reboot. OMG! Why did WORD not autosave (yes, I have it configured to autosave) the document with all my notes?! Ggggrrr!!! So… 43 shots wasted. Start over.

So far I’ve covered ISO, shutter speed, aperture, metering, white balance and macro vs super macro (something fairly interesting there).

But my day is done now. I’ll continue this… Wednesday I guess (Monday is SRAJD applications and Tuesday is hockey).


The kids had a good day today. Actually, first… Gabe’s team won last night (Gabe stopped all five shots in the shootout). They won again today. Yay! Monica’s team won today too (a really important game). Mon was in net and played really well. Five more days until Chicago.


For some (most) of my upcoming jewelry creations, I need to hit the sketchbooks. I hope to have some new metal designs in a couple of weeks. Lots to do in life right now, so jewelry creating is taking a back seat… but hopefully that’s only temporary.

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