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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etsy, you're killing me!


Today I worked on making my life smaller.

I went through some emails and responded where I thought I hadn’t, noted things of interest, and deleted the inbox as I went through it.


Tried to learn a little bit more about Etsy today. Went to the “Time Machine” for the first time ever.

There, you can scroll through different things… like everything that’s just been listed… or (something I’m much more interested in) everything that’s just been purchased.

I flipped through about 20 pages of “just sold” items. Hardly any of it was jewelry. Ha!

Later, I was looking at some searches to determine if I wanted to renew any of my Etsy listings.

But I ran into a glitch


Usually hockey is a good thing. But not when I spent $400 for a tournament this weekend and Monica has a sprained ankle.

Okay, gonna go sulk now.


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