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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vent about Tutorials

Hockey today was good and bad.

Both the kids’ teams won their games and both Mon and Gabe were the starters, but Gabe got pulled at about the halfway point… and Mon only had five shots.

Had a nice lunch with Alex… got some FABULOUS beads, got to vent about a tutorial I bought this week that really put me off tutorials.

When I get over my current angst, I will employ the following:

Only buy tutorials that:
A) List the materials/tools needed
B) I can tell are techniques that offer something new or unique rather than things readily available in books and online
C) Offer a refund. If the seller is confident enough in their work they shouldn’t hesitate to offer a refund for non-satisfaction.

Oh well… lots of learning opportunities in life.

Okay, I’m going through withdrawal not making jewelry for awhile so I’m gonna go for an hour or two now and see what I can accomplish.


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