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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Girl Gets Suprise Visit, Etsy Stats Made Easy, Jennifer Umphress Glass Artist, Craft Cabinets, Foster Photos


I think come June, we’re all going to be catching up on our sleep and rest.

This past week was the usual hockey practices, joined by some unusual and time-consuming homework assignments. Although the kids do their homework on their own (so they got way less sleep than I did), my help is often needed for some of the technical aspects (“Mom, how do you put this picture behind the other picture in Photoshop?”, “Mom, I can’t get the printer to work.”, etc.)

But it’s winter break now, so we are getting a little rest.


I’m going to call the SPCA today… Andy seems so lethargic. Not just compared with his sister, but more lethargic than when he first came here. I haven’t seen him playing in awhile. His sister, on the other hand, is a rambunctious crazy girl. Into EVERYTHING. Even on Bear… she’s going nuts playing with her own tail.


Got one of the new cabinets up last night. The instructions could use a little assistance, but I eventually got it done.


Gabe’s in Riverside (southern California) this weekend, having some exhibition games with his team.

Monica has a game today, a community food drive tomorrow, then a goalie session after that.


Sending out three orders today, but waiting to hear on one of them what type of shipping the gal wants. It’s kinda close for Christmas so I’d hate for her not to get what she purchased last night in time for gift giving… but Express shipping ain’t cheap, either.


Mon’s getting over (hopefully) some kind of cough. That seems to be her only symptom. I, on the other hand, seem to be just starting something… ugh… sore throat, malaise, cough… hitting up the Airborne and Vitamin C.


Wanna see an awesome glass artist? Check out Jennifer Umphress. If you don't already have Adobe Flash Player, it's worth the 20 seconds to download it. Way worth it.


Were you ever curious about some of your Etsy stats? Here’s a cool little site that gives you the DL on your admirers, etc.

Craft Cult’s Heart-o-Matic

Yeah, the first page is just who’s hearted you… easy enough to see on the Etsy site (if you don’t mind spirals). But look at the second tab… Instead of having to look up each item to see how many hearts (if any) one of your projects has, this is WAY cool. And that last tab, neato! See if/when you’re in any featured marketing pages on Etsy (btw, congrats if you are ‘cause I think for most it’s few and far between).

And yes, you can look up someone else’s number rather than your own if you like.


Thanks for the comment Jenny! Do you have a blog or website?

Surprise Visit

This was cute. Did you see this? This fourth grade girl thinks she is about to give a school report on where her Dad is stationed in Iraq and is surprised when he shows up for her report.

Tricked On Halloween

Okay, gotta go… TTYL!

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