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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dream Interpretation, New Jewelry, And Beads And Jewelry

EDITED TO ADD: BTW, forgot to mention… that thing you see in the lower right corner of the photo cube in the first pic of my last blog post… it's a make-up brush… an unused one. I used it to dust the lint off my plastic before taking a picture (the plastic backgrounds that I shoot on).


So, as I'm putting things away the other day, I realize that I still have a HUGE stash of beads. Mostly lampwork and gemstones. What to do with them? I don't think I have much interest in just listing them on eBay for sale. How boring is that? So... for awhile anyway, I'm going to go back to just making simple beaded jewelry. It's lovely if not uninspiring to the beader.

In the meantime, I can work on my skills with metal clay.

But really... I'm looking through these beads, just oohing and ahing... and I hate to see them stuck in boxes never to see the light of day. They should be out there, running around on the arms and necks of socialites! Or something like that.

Last night as Mon and I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ... and waited for Gabe to be done with Engineering... I made a couple bracelets. Maybe I'll even photograph them tonight. I have to decide between that, doing some clay, or making more pieces.

Um... in light of the fact that I'm going to Hadar's on Friday, I think I'll make some clay tonight... or run the kiln... or both.


BTW, I put some new stuff on my website. I'll show you some little pictures here... you can click on them to go to the item if you like. Oh, and my summer prices (as always) are real steals!

There's also this one-penny listing (I think it's up to $10.50 now though) on eBay. It's my miniature Tourmaline briolettes necklace.

If I get a few more things up on the website, I'll probably send an email out to my friends letting them know that there are some new items, my old items are on sale, and I am letting the people who shop at my store have first and best "dibs" on my jewelry as I won't list it on eBay until it's been on the site for a week or two.

A week from today is the kids' last day of school. Yay! They get to relax and have fun for a couple months and I get to have a smidge of freedom from getting us out the door in the morning.

Also, Mon is going to do most of the cooking for us. I will have Gabe do two hours a day on his driver's education until he is done (before June ends would be nice)… but he only has a week off before he leaves for Los Angeles for a fortnight.


As one of those people who does not LIKE to dream yet remembers her dreams on a nightly basis, I decided to take the last few night's worth and see what the dream dictionaries say about what's going on in my subconscious lately.

So, taken in order, here's what I got:

In the first dream, the symbols mean I wanted to destroy the pestering and annoying people in my life. At first, however, I had them imprisoned, but then I realized that along with them was a new talent or hobby that will prove profitable for me. I did manage to let the latter out of confinement while keeping the former still locked up. Further symbolism denotes that I can overcome my obstacles.

In the next dream, I was involved in a situation that was complicated or troublesome. The passage of time was released upon me (in groups that signify an increase in my personal power and/or prestige) and I was trying to destroy it (or keep it at bay). My determination and drive in pursing my goals was tested repeatedly but I will accomplish my tasks with great success so long as I am careful not to be too forceful.

In the third dream, the symbols say I am starting to shed my shell or lose my inhibitions. I have a desire to fully express my emotions. There are aspects of myself that are dirty and negative and which I believe to be undesirable and repulsive. I need to acknowledge and express these feelings, even though it may be shameful. I need to release the negativity in my life. I am unwilling to let go of my emotions. And… I have anxiety over money matters and financial security.

The symbol in the final (last night's) dream represents contentment and peace of mind.

Quite the mixed bag.

And why do so many people have the same recurring dreams… or recurring themes in dreams? And is it cultural? Do people in other countries or other socio-economic situations have different recurring dreams than the ones I usually hear/read about?

The recurring dreams I've had since childhoold (recurring at different times in my life, I mean) include:

Losing teeth (was very young… maybe early teen years): Feeling similar emotions in your waking life to those you felt as a child. When you have this dream, ask yourself where, in your waking life, you are not expressing yourself, or where you are holding back from speaking out, or where you are not being heard or where someone is belittling you and treating you like a child, not respecting your views. One of these is likely to be the case.

Levitating/flying (as a slightly older teen): (I got bored of looking up dream interpretations)

Naked in public (sporadically throughout my adult life): If uncomfortable, indicates feelings of vulnerability about being exposed. Your naked dream may be telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Often times, when you realize that you are naked in your dream, no one else seems to notice. Everyone else in the dream is going about their business without giving a second look at your nakedness. If this happens in your dream, then it implies that your fears are unfounded; no one will notice except you. You may be magnifying the situation and making an issue of nothing. Where in life am I feeling unconfident, embarrassed, unskilled? This type of dream is usually pointing out, by the fact that the other characters in the dream don’t really notice, that we are the only one viewing ourself this way, and usually mistakenly so.

Tornadoes coming (as a young adult): Tornadoes or any type of storm can be symbolic of one of two things: either your emotional state or a force with which you must contend.

Car with bad brakes (sporadically throughout my adult years): Is life too hectic, out of control? How could I slow down, act more peacefully and "enjoy the ride"? Is there an important choice (i.e. turn) coming soon in my life where I need to be slow in order to turn safely in the best direction (ideal outcome: driving well & within speed limits, walking peacefully, taking more quiet time to clearly contemplate important upcoming choices so that we don't go off track or crash)?

Back in school (sporadically throughout my adult years): Dreams about school indicate that the dreamer is reflecting on current events in real life and learning more 'lessons in life'. To dream of attending school, indicates distinction in lessons and work. If you dream you are young and back at school indicates a longing to go back to the time when you were happiest.

Crazy elevators (sporadically throughout my 30's): Usually, when people dream of being in an elevator, something goes wrong. You may press the up button and the elevator either drops or flies through the roof. The elevator can represent your progress in life or a certain situation.

Can't complete 911 call (sporadically throughout my adult years): (I got bored of looking up dream interpretations)

Watching airplanes crash (last year): Planes and helicopters generally mean that you want something to happen quickly.

One of the coolest things I remember reading about dreams went something like this: Dreams don't tell you what you should be thinking; they tell you what you HAVE been thinking.

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