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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Metal Clay and Mother's Day


The one day I can actually RUN the kiln and I can’t ‘cause they’re “power-washing” the windows in my apt complex today… and I run my kiln out on my balcony. Hmph! Oh well, just makes the anticipation grow even more. And it COULD give me a chance to make a few more things to throw into the kiln.

Since I only have 6 leetle tiny silver bead caps, I s’pose I ought to make s’more silver stuff.

Well, I didn’t. I went to Hadar’s Friday night and in my completely inarticulate way tried to explain what I wanted to make. Sigh… although my explanation sucked and Hadar ended up showing me something else…. A) I like the “something else” and B) I can use what I learned with this technique to try to make the thing I had initially tried to explain.

Turns out, too, that the way I was going about trying to make this “thing” on my own was incredibly not practical. That’s the think about classes… you learn little tips and tricks for whatever it is the class is about.

Anyway, here is a copper hollow in its raw form. This is after making it and drying it.

Then this is a photo after I filed down the roughness.

I made three bronze and three copper hollow beads. Here’s what the try looks like after I filed all five.

Then I drilled holes into the dried beads and popped them (along with the pieces from last week) into the square thing (does it have a name?)…

It’s 9pm and I just started step one of the kiln so I might not be able to run step two until tomorrow.


I got my mom something but I won’t be at her house for a couple of weeks so she’ll have to wait for it.

Monica woke me up this morning and gave me a beautiful handmade card. I’ll show you a picture tomorrow.

Mon then make pancakes for me for breakfast before we left for hockey. I’m guessing it was her first time making pancakes. She wouldn’t let me help her (and I know the importance of letting someone do a task by themselves) so I waited in the living room. She went through a couple of rounds before getting it right, but eventually we all had nice hot pancakes with boysenberry syrup.

Then it was off to San Jose for Gabe’s team’s semi-final. It was an impressive game. The other team won (2-1), but wow did the Cardinals make a great showing. The game really could have gone either way.

Yesterday’s game was amazing. We were down 3-0 and came back with five unanswered goals to win that quarter-final. NEVER give up.


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Oh, here’s a good one for Mother’s Day…

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