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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fixing IE8, In the Kiln, and Friends


Forgot to tell you about fixing one of my computer problems.

On Internet Explorer 8, if a photo (or image) is used as a hyperlink (thumbnail, etc) the default is for it to not show up. You actually have to go in and change the settings.

It’s TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, ADVANCED, scroll down and click on “Show image download placeholders”.

All I can say is, thank god for google.


Here’s a question: Do I face my pieces in or out? I have six one-sided bronze-copper pieces in the kiln at the moment. When I load them in the charcoal pan, I have three in front and three in back (both those positions are closest to the heat). I currently have all six facing the front of the pan… but I wonder if I should have all their “backs” facing out and “fronts” facing in. Hm…

Well, it turns out I should pay more attention to all the details of how I load the kiln, marking the pieces so that afterwards, like when I’m sanding and discover that one or two of my pieces didn’t sinter… ahem… then I can see where they were in the kiln. Sigh…

Anyway, this is a shot of the six pieces when two of them were sanded and the other four were just straight out of the kiln.

Speaking of kilns…


I had a really nice day with a friend today. We went to lunch then went shopping. I got… are you ready?... tada!... a stainless steel pan with a flat lid! Yay! I hope to try it in the kiln tomorrow.


Sorry to cut this short… I’m tired.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you pictures (if I remember) of the new photo set-up. And with a bit of luck I’ll also have some new jewelry listed.

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