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Friday, May 8, 2009

eBay's Raised Fees... and other stuff... TGIF!


Oy! Or should I say, "Ouch!"? When did eBay's selling fees go up to 12%? Granted that's for fixed priced listings, but still.

Auction style is almost 9%. No wonder people are talking about the eBay fees killing them.

I haven't really been paying attention to all the changes in 2009 (or was it earlier?) because I don't sell on eBay as much as I used to. Through no fault of my own, mind you. I still list there.

I hope their changes are working for someone 'cause they ain't workin' for me. And I barely work for them anymore. I used to (happily) pay eBay hundreds of dollars in fees each month but now it's like $10-$20. Whatever switches they made, they must be getting money from someone other than the independent artists now.


Here's a cutie pie!

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funny pictures of cats with captions
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I got an email today that stated someone had put my link up on their site and now required a reciprocal link (theirs) be put on my site. Um... no.


What is the difference between "simile" and "metaphor"?
The simile makes a comparison where there are shared attributes between the tenor and the vehicle ("He is like a snake"). A simile contains "like" or "as". The metaphor makes a direct equality, or identification, between two things ("He is a snake"). Frequently, the metaphor will contain a form of the verb "to be".


I've temporarily stopped selling this since about one out of ten people who buys it asks me to send them the formulas used in the excel file. I obviously need to make myself clearer in the item description. I'm not selling the formulas… I'm selling a file that calculates the formulas for you. It took me years of work and research to come up with those formulas. Sigh…


I cracked up over the cellulite comment. It's not cellulite...it's texture. It adds dimension. :) I wonder if you tried flattening the jump rings into ovals if they wouldn't be so overpowering?

Regarding the photographing on shiny black, did you line the top of your cube with something black? The shiny black surface will reflect the top of your photo cube.

Ha! Chris, I don't mind making "cellulite jewelry" once I've mastered the ability to make smooth jewelry. I've always felt it's more than okay to take massive liberties with any form of art… once you have learned the basics. I'm so far from learning the basics it's not even funny (regarding metals, anyway).

I love your idea about the jumprings. I will try that!

Yes, I did (previously) line my cube with black, but truthfully it seemed like quite the PITA set-up. Actually, just yesterday I ordered a white photo cube (my current one has a black top and white sides). I may find it easier to work with.

I also think I will try using a different angle for the shiny black background photos and save the gradient background for the straight overhead shots.

BTW, your new heart pendants rock on so many levels. First, I love the design! You are so innovative… I love that!!! Second, kudos to you for supporting a cause you care about. (And your children are lovely and exude happiness!)

Hey! I went to buy a heart and put a link here. You're all out!!! Waaaaa! Gonna have more soon?


  1. eBay fees have gotten out of hand...they're not working for me either. I pay them more, and am getting less for my beads...and sadly they're still the biggest dog in the neighbourhood or I'd go elsewhere...

  2. Thanks Laura! :) I hope to have more hearts up in a few days.