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Friday, May 29, 2009

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Y'know what irks me? How I can't get a given website to look the same on any computer and with any browser.

Here's the deal: sometime last year, I was having trouble seeing the new changes on pages I uploaded to one of my websites. I was told to clear my cache (temporary internet files), reboot, etc). I did all this, multiple times. Finally, a friend (thank you, Katherine!) advised me to load FireFox (I'd been using Internet Explorer) and voila! I now saw my new pages instantly.

Okay, that's fine for when I have to see pages that I'm working on… but how does it help the general public that may be using IE to look at my websites?

I am at least aware of step #1: setting your computer to always show you the most recent version of the internet page you're on.

TOOLS ->INTERNET OPTIONS -> SETTINGS -> "Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page

Although I admit I don't know the difference between that option and "automatically".

It's also not a bad idea to clear out your stored temp files every so often.

TOOLS ->INTERNET OPTIONS -> (middle section) TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES -> DELETE FILES (can take several minutes; be patient)

But given that, I still see the older versions of the pages even after doing all that then opening a fresh browser window (in IE, I mean).

I guess I just don't know enough about computers to figure this one out. I need an IT expert to join the SRAJD team pro bono. Ha ha ha!

Let's take my most recently updated webpage. It's the gallery page of my bracelets.

I uploaded the page and…
On computer #2:
1) Could see the update on IE (version 6.0.2800.1106CO) after 24 hours
2) Could see the update on FireFox (version 3.0.10) instantly
On computer #1:
3) Could not see the update on IE (version 8)… saw the new page, but no pictures are showing
4) Could see the update on FireFox instantly

This will not stand. I must figure out this mess. These are not fancy code things… these are (trust me, my knowledge of html is bare bones) simple things like photos and hyperlinks.

I've heard: "A good programmer will develop a site that will look and work exactly the same in ALL engines, but these programmers are few and far between." Hmph!

Well, I'll keep trying to work on this… until someone comes to my rescue.


I go to Hadar's tonight. I've got six bronze "rocks" (yes, actually shaped the bronze clay onto rocks, let it dry, cut the clay off the rock, stuck it back together, cleaned it up, sanded). I'll ask Hadar to critique them before I proceed further. I'm guessing "further" is drilling holes in them, filling them with charcoal, and firing them.

If I can't think of anything else to do at class tonight, I may add copper and silver rocks to the mix… make a multi-metal rock necklace. Shrug.


I'm going to get back into a little non-fiction article writing here. Have an upcoming article on beading wire. To make my final touches, though, I've just ordered something to measure the exact thickness of some of these wires we use on a daily basis (I'll explain why in the article). Excited to get this one finished and see which mag shows interest in it.


Those who know me well, know I've often mentioned my idea of wanting to start an artist commune. But then those who know me REAL well know that I kinda go through life wearing rose-tinted glasses.

Therefore, I'm thinking that instead of jumping right in with a commune, I may first see how it goes running an artist retreat. A place where people can come to embrace their creativity for a weekend or a week at a time.


Wanna see something cool? In Seattle's Chinatown district there are ten massive dragons set up on poles as guardians of the city.

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