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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day 21 – The Elimination Diet and Getting Rid of Clothes

It’s 4:30pm and I’m tired.  Aside from painting some sheets of plywood (that I will make into a garage door), I went and got the flagstone (finally) for the pond.  That stuff’s heavy! 

So I decide to do something a little mindless (not that painting and hauling rocks isn’t mindless).  I want to start tackling the clothes.  I never (ever!) thought of myself as a collector of clothes, but wow, I really have more than I need by a long shot.

I’ve got that same excuse that many Americans have… I’m “between sizes”.  Which basically means I’m on my way to losing weight.  But just to make this legit… I really am.  It was almost unintentional.  In order to discover if I had any food intolerances that could be causing my migraines or my eczema or my exhaustion, I decided to try the “elimination diet”. 

It was a pretty strict diet but it didn’t seem as hard as I thought it was going to be. 

A side effect (other than no migraines [dairy], no eczema [either wheat or yeast], and more energy) is that I lost 15 pounds.  So yes, I am in transition for clothing size.

Anyway, I want to streamline.  Like, instead of having six cardigans, maybe I can do with two or three.  But mostly if there are clothes I’ve outgrown or just plain old don’t wear anymore, I will take them to the garage sale.  Last garage sale I took a big 100% cotton fantastic bathrobe.  It was a tough decision, but there’s no way I need more than one bathrobe (I got rid of both of the ones on the right).

 The closed shoes are all going.  I can’t wear closed shoes anymore.  When I wear anything other than sandals or Keens, the balls of my feet hurt so badly the next day (or later than same day) that I can barely walk.

But I still have piles and piles of clothes and as I see it there is no need for that.  What do they say?  The majority of people wear only 20% of their closet 80% of the time.  I do have a drawer (well, it’s a box, but for the sake of normalcy we’ll refer to it as a drawer) of scruffy t-shirts for work, I can’t remember the last time I wore socks...

... and I really only need a handful of nice clothes.  Underwear, I need a ton of (triple-digit summers means lots of showering and changing).

BTW, not to self: stop buying red things!  No more red towels, dish pads, socks, t-shirts, pajamas, etc.  They sit in the hamper until I have a full load of “red” things.  So stupid!  I need to buy all neutral clothing.  Ha ha ha!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback.  It’s great hearing from you all and finding out that I’m not alone in this journey.  :-)  Share your tips, tricks, ideas and experiences too, in the comments section.

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  1. Ahhh, elimination diets:) I'm on one too - my first - lactose and artificial sweeteners (apparently numerous digestive upsets due to the latter). On week 5 of 6, and it's not nearly as hard as I thought. Artificial sweeteners have been tricky, as I sub sugar in my coffee, but in reality, it's not that much and I find lactose free milk tastes no different than regular...who knew. Your weight loss is impressive!!! Quite an accomplishment. Culling out the closet is so practical but it's hard to go down that path. We have 4BR for 2 peeps and every closet is bulging, but in all fairness there's the whole summer/winter thingy with those big puffy jackets/coats. As for socks, lucky you! Last yr Christmas brought me 13pr to add to that bulging sock drawer..but I love'em. The culling seems hopeless at this point!!! Thanks for the fun read:)