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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Organizing Journey Day 8

Day 8 – Day Off

Got up early, as usual, and thought about the fact that I have hours of free time before my last component arrives, so I can spend that time organizing/cleaning the workroom.  But then I remembered I needed to do SRAJD work so here I sit two hours later, still doing that.  Oh well, it all needs to be done.  The fun will have to wait.

Finished breakfast and TOTALLY want to get into the workroom, but if I don’t wash this morning and last night’s dishes first, I’m setting a bad precedent.  If I *do* take care of the dishes, I’m working toward “daily cleaning” becoming a habit, which would be a good thing, rather than letting things build up to the point of massive cleaning.

Today I’m finishing the job for my local assembly woman’s office.  Also got a regular order out that sold from my Etsy shop over the weekend.  In the middle of dishes, I got a call from the senator’s office.  Another order coming in.  Yay!

So yesterday I told you about my label-maker.  Is one that fancy totally necessary?  No.  But sometimes we treat ourselves to make things more interesting.

Today while I was working in the studio, I needed to use my wooden dapping block.  In the uppermost recess I found three rubies.  See… THIS is why I need to clean and organize.  Ha ha ha!  Oh, I know exactly when I placed them there.  It was while I was doing an order in December.  Yes, you heard me right.  December!  I have stones all over the place.  Actually, as I sit here typing this, three rooms away from my studio, I’m looking directly at (‘cause they’re sitting right below my computer’s monitor) 12 absolutely gorgeous brecciated moukite jasper cabs.  They’ll probably still be there when I take the “before” photos of my bedroom (which is where my computer is).  We’ll see. 

Amazon just delivered another treat.  I don’t always have a water bottle that closes but if you saw the dust flying around my studio, you’d understand my trepidation about keeping an open glass of water in there.  I’m not a big water drinker, so I don’t need help discouraging me from drinking.  I was putting an index card on the top, but I have up to three fans going in the studio during the summer and lightweight things fly.

My solution was to order these lids that suction to teacups.  They’re perfect!  Wide enough to cover a glass of water and they actually do suction on so aren’t going to be sliding around or blowing off.  When you touch the little lip sticking out the suction is broken immediately.

So while I didn’t accomplish anything on the organizing front, I did manage to keep the kitchen and living room clean.  When my Amazon orders came in (two of them today), I opened the boxes, filed the invoices, put the items away, and put the cardboard boxes in my car to take to the recycling center.  Go me!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback.  It’s great hearing from you all and finding out that I’m not alone in this journey.  :-)  Share your tips, tricks, ideas and experiences too, in the comments section.

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  1. How cool. They're in my cart now. It's sooooo annoying to put down a cup of tea at the farm and come back to find suicidal bugs floating on top. Never would have found those lids on my own. Thanks.

    1. OH yay! I'm so glad someone else can benefit from this item. It's totally not what I pictured when I started my internet search but I've been really please with them. How I'll ever use 6 I have no idea.

  2. Good for you. Organization is not one of my strong suits. Been trying to organize my lamp work studio (a small trailer) which I clearly have too much glass rods and too many different c.e.o.'s. One day I will figure this out. However, I have to admit that a good label maker is a must have.

    1. Thanks! How cool that your lampwork studio is a trailer. Is that so it can be mobile? I would think in such tight quarters organization is imperative... however, I don't think there's such a thing as too much glass. :-)