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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Organizing Journey Day 5

Day 5 – Only a Wee Bit of Cleaning

Had to make jewelry today so didn’t get any organizing done but did get a bit of cleaning done (and cooking).

Here’s before and after of the living room (if you didn’t read yesterday’s blog… “before” includes me leaving town for two back to back trips, coming home with a messy child in tow AND half a month’s worth of mail and Amazon boxes, and dealing with car issues that kept me from any tidying up).

Time to hit the hay.  More jewelry work tomorrow and it’d be nice if I can squeeze in some organizing.  Maybe while I’m working I can flit around the studio in organizing mode.  It’ll be a good break from the crazy stamping job ahead of me. 

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  1. Wow...I can see why your blog is holding you to a commitment! Great idea. My grands love the tech games where you have to find the differences between two 'nearly' identical pics. This would be a great example for them:) Life always seems to interfere with tidiness but I think you're on to something here - yay!

    1. Ha ha ha! That's funny about finding the differences between the two pics. I'm afraid there are just too many, though.

      Yes, life does interfere with tidiness. I'm trying to train myself to not "wait until circumstances are perfect" in order to do something.

  2. Wow. It looks so much more peaceful now. Clutter is so stress-producing. Yay on your stress reduction!!!!

    1. Yes, exactly! Clutter totally stresses me out, so if for no other reason, there's that.

      Although I seriously think a lot of us spend way too much time looking for things. I hate wasting time like that, so there's that too.