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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Organizing Journey Day 11

Day 11 – I Wasn’t Even Home

Got up.  Mowed in the orchard, showered, then took Mom out shopping.  Got home and left again right away to a friend’s house for a couple hours of r&r (maybe I was making up for working on my birthday).  I’m home now and it’s 5pm.  I can either cave to exhaustion or push through it and get some organizing done.

In light of how little organizing I’ve been doing lately, I think the latter is in order.

Where to start?   I’m frozen in indecision.  The magnitude of the project is overwhelming.  Back to “the clock” method, I guess.  Now I see why I do it that way (see blog post #1 for description).  It’s like baby steps. 

My apologies for having nothing interesting to show today.  I ended up caving to exhaustion (and there is a new episode of Broadchurch!). 

But I should be home most of tomorrow so will get something done (aside from making the lemon zucchini cake I’m planning for dessert).  This is so embarrassing (an organizing blog post without any organizing) that it will motivate me to really accomplish something tomorrow.  I look forward to it.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback.  It’s great hearing from you all and finding out that I’m not alone in this journey.  :-)  Share your tips, tricks, ideas and experiences too, in the comments section.

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