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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Downsizing... Part 4

So I'm cleaning the bedroom (again!) because things accumulate.  This means, to me, that I have too much stuff.

I am methodical, though.  I do my "clock" again.  Pick one spot in the room and just pick up EVERYTHING in that one spot and deal with it... then rotate to the right and do the same thing to the next spot and so on until I've made a 360 around the whole room.

I just picked up a box of strings.  Well, I mean, not strings exactly... it's cords, I guess.  Pieces of leather cording and hemp and cotton, etc.  These are all for use in jewelry making.  And I look at some of these and it's easy to see why I purchased them in the first place... they're lovely.  I see this beautiful shade of teal in a soft suede cord and I hesitate.

And I hear that voice again: "I might need this some day."  And there it is... the phrase that is the bane of every hoarder.  I might need it some day

So the other side of me reasons, "I have no current idea what I'd use that for and if I ever do create a design that needs something like that, I can purchase it again."

"But isn't that a waste of money?  'Cause I already have it here, now.  If I sell this at destash pricing, and then buy it again down the line for full price, isn't that wasteful?"

"No, because it costs me more (in many ways) to keep an entire box of cords with the thought that someday I may need something that's in there."

And so... to destash it goes!

I've got my bins set up on my bed.  12 boxes...
  • Jewelry to work on
  • Jewelry ready to list online
  • Jewelry for the gallery
  • Things to photograph
  • Beads
  • Findings
  • Tools
  • Jewelry to cannibalize
  • Things to list on destash
  • Items currently on destash
  • Items that sold
  • Garage sale
I will be listing in destash soon.  If you want in, it's a public FB group.

I actually destash in three places:
Okay, back to work now.  Will report on my progress in a day or two.

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