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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kitty Help in the Jewely Making Process

The cats are no longer near my jewelry stuff, but ten years ago was a different story. I was recently sorting through some old photos and was reminded how helpful the fur-babies were.

Here's Ten looking all cute and innocent (notice the awesome ears!).

But not so innocent really, and he'd just finished playing with a necklace and batting half the beads down the heating vent.

Asia is a perfect fit in my bead box... no work until she wakes up.

Can take photos in the mean time.  Jag will help by pulling on the camera strap just as I'm about to press the shutter button.

You know they have to try out every box for size.  Ugh!  It's like me trying to get into jeans... I'll MAKE myself fit, dagnabbit!

"No, you may not take the mail just yet."

"Photo props?  I thought you brought me presents!"

Nothing like a warm kiln on a cold winter's day.

"Wait.  These earrings are out of place.  Let me adjust them for you."

"Yes, it really is comfortable with my face in your bead bowl!"

No computer work until kitty wakes up.

Kitty is awake... and ready for modeling job.  Too bad I need a jewelry model rather than a silly hat model.

"Oh, but your bags of jewelry findings feel SO GOOOOOOOOD!"

At the end of the day, it's just SO exhausting tipping over bead trays, chewing on postage envelopes, and completely disrupting the photo sessions.

Got photos to share!  Add to the comments section.


  1. These are just too cute, Laura - they truly are the rulers of the universe! That gray and white cat with the hat looks VERY large - true?

    1. :-) The gray and white one is just fat. Ha! But the stripey one (holding the camera strap) was enormous. He was freakishly large... like a cross between a house cat and a bob cat.

  2. Love the photos of your "helpers." So precious!

    1. Thanks! Now a days they're just responsible for moral support and dust bunny creations. :-)

  3. My dog is helpful by notifying the neighborhood that Mom is hammering wire again. By the way, the closest neighbors are a half mile away and wouldn't know unless Sophie told them. These photos are so cute, it is a mystery how you got anything done. :)

    1. Ha ha ha! Your dog barks when you hammer? That's too funny!