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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

USPS 2016 Postage Chart and Lots of Spinner Rings

Apparently, December was a good month for spinner rings.  Here are six that I just listed plus non-spinner ring leftover from a few weeks earlier.

You can see the rings in my shop or on Etsy.

And here is the best I can figure the 2016 USPS postage rates are. 
*Please note Endicia will use retail rates when lower (1-3oz) than commercial rates.  Other online stamping systems may do this also.

Lots of changes besides just the rates.

Commercial rates are lumped from 1-8 ounces.

International like more than doubled!!!

Under 3 ounces, retail pricing is less than commercial rates.

Using Click 'N Ship (printing postage from the USPS website) no longer gets you commercial rates.

If you use Etsy calculated, make sure you've selected "commercial (aka Etsy) rates" or "retail rates" so your customers get charged appropriately.  You find this option at the bottom of the overall shipping profiles page.  [Note: there seems to be an Etsy bug/glitch at the moment whereby if you have "commercial rates" selected, your customers are still being charged "retail rates".  I hope they fix that soon.]


  1. They get you coming and going that's for sure, thanks for this chart, it helps a bunch.

    1. You're very welcome. I come back here several times a year and check on the chart. I find it very useful too. :-)

  2. Do you know whether printing from Paypal count as commercial or retail?

    1. Great question, Kim! I've heard from someone that PayPal is still using commercial rates, so I've updated my chart. Thanks for asking!