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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kindle Unlimited... not so unlimited... And What's a Wine Rack Doing in My Studio?

Learned something the hard way today.  Kindle Unlimited isn't as unlimited as my mind was trying to make it.  Ha ha ha!

Since it's the first of the month I was going over my charges from various accounts and saw that all the books I ordered from Kindle Unlimited at $0.00 I was actually charged for.


A quick call to Amazon only to find out that one shouldn't gloss over the small print when signing up for something.  Or one shouldn't wait so long to use a service or use it so infrequently that they forget the rules.

Apparently it's Kindle Limited... to ten books at a time.  Anything over ten and you get charged the going rate.  I could EASILY have "returned" previously loaded books had I known this, but since Amazon can't "convert" the new purchases to the Kindle Unlmiited versions even after I delete/return previous books... they are just now considered purchased, not borrowed.

At least it wasn't a super expensive lesson.

But seriously... even though the onus is on me to know how the system works, I told them it would go a long way for customer service if a little notification came up saying something like, "You have reached your Kindle Unlimited limit (kind of an oxymoron, huh?) and this will be a purchase instead.  Proceed?"


Third world problem... I'm not going to stress about it. 

On another note, I entered two photos in two (similar) Facebook contests.  One is for showing your workroom mascot.  If you like the photo, click on it and give it a FB "like".  Thanks!


There's also this contest to show something weird in your workshop.  I chose to show my wine rack because I think it's pretty darn handy and is a wonderful addition to the workshop.  Others may want one too! 

This is my "stamping station".  And it stores wire, pliers, bracelet mandrel, necklace busts and way more.


And that's it for me today.  See you all tomorrow! 


  1. Laura, when I use KU and am at my limit of 10, when I click on read for free with Kindle Unlimited button it takes me to a screen that tells me I have to return a book before I can have another one. Make sure you are clicking on the read for free button and it should always remind you.

    1. Thanks! It's so much easier for me to browse via Amazon on my pc, so that's where I order the books. I'm glad to know there's a msg if I order from my Kindle. Maybe eventually they'll integrate the two systems. I will next time only order while on my Kindle. Thanks!