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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Finch... Time To Buy More Window Stickers

When a child or an animal acts suspicious, there's usually a reason.

Today I was out watering and I see Tennie's little paws up on the outdoor glass table.  So I ask him, "Are you stretching?"  Then I got closer because I was watering the plants on the table and see a finch just sitting there.

Well, duh... the thing probably hit a window and bounced onto the table and eagle-eye Tennie thought he was going to have a little snack.

So I snatched up Mr. Finch.

Walked down into the orchard.

Sat on the ground and opened my hand.

As they always do, he sat there doing nothing.  Well, nothing externally.  Inside he was probably trying to gather his wits and demeanor.  So I put him on my leg and we sat in the orchard together for a little while.

Then I told him I had work to do so I gave him a wee nudge just to check and happily he flew off into a neighboring apple tree (where he could finish out his R&R).

To rub even more salt in Tennie's wound, he couldn't accompany me on my evening "changing of the sprinklers".  He tried, but I had the mower with me and he and the mower don't get along, thank goodness.  I'd mow, then turn it off to move a hose or turn on a sprinkler and Tennie would let out a plaintive cry and come running toward me, but then I'd start the mower up again and he'd high tail it up the hill and sit under a tree waiting.

Sigh... good little doggie... er, I mean cat.

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