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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Missing Post and Hooray for September

I had a post, but I guess I'm still not used to Windows 10 and it didn't save and it disappeared.  (Having a similar problem with WORD, but *may* have worked that out... won't know for a week or two.)

So that's today's story.  My apologies.

No end of the month wisdom other than... doesn't it always feel like a fresh start when a new month is around the corner?  It's like you can do New Year's resolutions all over again.

What exciting plans do you have for September?

I want to finish the organizing that I started in August (it's going well).  I want to play with more gold-fill (that's going well as well).  I want to (well, I don't WANT to, but I want to get it done) paint the outside staircase and side of the house.

And instead of the original missing post today, we'll just have some cuteness... cats and boxes...

And planters...


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