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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Best Underwear and The Best Tupperware (or plastic food containers)

Okay, I know calling it Tupperware is like saying hand me a Kleenex.

What shall I call it?  The best plastic kitchen storage.

And it totally is.  Here's the product.  Little Big Box by Popit!

Not really sure about the logic of 1 set costing $24.99 and 2 sets coasting $99.99...

But that weirdness aside, this is hands-down the best food container system ever.  I originally bought them because my mom seemed to be having trouble closing (or opening?) other food containers we had and I can't abide things not being closed (don't get me started on how many meals spilled on me, in the fridge, on the floor... ugh!).  These lids have super easy snapping closure.

And as I found out afterwards they are extremely air-tight.  I put oil and vinegar in one, close it up, and shake it like mad (to get salad dressing to mix properly).  Not a single drop spills or leaks.

My friend uses them when she goes on river scrambles (hiking and floating in rivers).  They are in her backpack which is dunked in the water and completely water-logged for hours at a time.  Potato chips, completely dry at journey's end.

And they stack into two piles in the cupboard.

My second recommendation is this underwear.  DKNY Seamless Bikinis.

previously, thongs were the only kind of underwear that didn't ride up my butt cheeks, but that's sort of like cheating.

Then one day at Costco I bought these and they frikkin' stay where they're supposed to stay.  No weird seams either (just a bonus).

Of course, when I went back to Costco to stock up, they no longer carried them.  But I did find them on Amazon.

If you are annoyed by undies that creep up your butt cheek, try this and let me know what you think.

Love you guys!


  1. I've seen that same pricing issue on Amazon for other things. The last being (the best) rat traps I've ever used. It is so odd. My best guess it is some sort of glitch in their system.