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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Not much, I kid you not... sharing granule making, how's that

Not much going on these days other than work.  Well, that's not true, there's always other stuff going on like me back on the roof trying to fix the swamp cooler and stuff like that, but otherwise happily making inventory for the upcoming show.

I don't watch much tv but I will admit my latest guilty pleasure is Doc Martin (the one where he used to be a surgeon, not the one where he used to be an obstetrician)..

Started work on the gold stacker rings but didn't get very far.  Will get back to it tomorrow.

Here's a video I ran across awhile back about making granules. I thought it was pretty cool so I wanted to share.

(ETA: A friend read this blog post and asked how you use granules, so I'm providing a Bing image link here because all the pictures are so pretty!!!)

So today was just "checking in".   Hope everyone's doing well.

Here's to a better tomorrow, always.


  1. Oh...what fun! The granules, not the swamp cooler! Thanks for sharing that video:)

    1. Ha! Right... we've decided to put the swamp cooler off for a bit (thank goodness... I hate being on the roof). As to the granules, I added a link to the blog post after the video... drool worthy. :-)