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Monday, August 17, 2015

More Earrings As Seen on TV and My Awesome Son's Math Presentation

My second pair of earrings was on Cedar Cove yesterday.  Grace Sherman (played by the awesomely beautiful Teryl Rothery) wore them when Cliff proposed to her (near the end of the "Civil War" episode that aired on August 15, 2015). 

Cedar Cove is a tv show on the Hallmark Channel, adapted from a series of Debbie Macomber novels.

Here are the earrings.  I no longer list these in my shop, but if someone REALLY wanted a pair, just contact me via my shop.


Teryl Rothery's hair was longer in season 3 so the earrings are not as easy to spot as my previous ones.

Okay, now I was going to tell you about my last trip to the Bay Area.  Some of you know my son, Gabe, is attending UCLA (studying math).  Anyway, this summer he was doing an internship at Berkeley's MSRI program (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute).  The overall 2015 summer program I *think* was called: "Geometric Combinatorics Motivated by the Social Sciences".

I had the great privilege of watching Gabe present his project: "Committee Selection with Approval Voting and Hypercubes".

If anyone would like to check out the video of the presentation, it's on the MSRI website, here.  I was super impressed with all the young ladies and gentlemen.  The presentations were awesome.  Usually over my head, technically, but these people did great jobs of presenting.

Before the presentation, Sereen (Gabe's girlfriend) and I walked up from the parking lot to the MSRI building.  It's in the Berkeley hills, btw, not at the UC Berkeley campus (where the kids stayed when not at the institute).  Here's the view.  You might be able to see all three bridges from there.

That's it for my photos.  Sereen takes MUCH better photos, so all the rest are hers.  Thanks for letting me post them on my blog, Sereen!

Here's Gabe presenting...

A wider view of the presentation...

Here's Gabe and Caleb (they worked on and presented the info together) after the event...

Afterward, Gabe showed us his and Caleb's office...

With the insane chalkboard showing some of their work...

While I have always enjoyed math, the stuff they do is so far over my head it's not even funny.  Gabe does do a good job of trying to help the layman understand, though, I'll give him that.

We ended the evening with a great dinner and wonderful dinner company.

It was great seeing Sereen and Gabe and being a part of this special day.  A real treat and I'm so glad I was able to go.

And here's my usual ending silliness... serious math people forgive me.


  1. I now look to see if the jewelry looks like yours when I watch Cedar Cove now. I was wondering who made the necklace she had on.
    The earrings are great. It looks like you have a real fan with whom ever buys the accessories. Way to go.

    1. Thanks Kim. I definitely sold a lot of pairs of the first earrings Grace wore on that show. I think the show and Grace's character have a LOT of fans. I'm sure the necklace she wore was made by a member of TAG... as soon as I find out who made it I'll let you know.

  2. Watching your kids grow and achieve is one of the greatest rewards of being a mother! Good job on the "product launch" LOL...

    1. I couldn't agree more and I'm so proud of both my children. And thanks for the kudos on the product launch. :-)