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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm a Morning Person

For me, making jewelry in the late afternoon or evening sucks.  I'm tired.  I'm totally a morning person.  In the evening I just want to veg (and by veg I mean sit in front of the tv and do wire-wrapping or hand polishing or something).

I have a show coming up Sunday.  I don't really do shows so I have no "set-up".  By "don't do shows", I mean, I'll do like one a year.  Which was never enough to invest in any kind of set up and yet leaves me looking pretty shabby and really REALLY do-it-yourself when it comes to presentation.

Add to that the fact that I have ADD of jewelry-making and there isn't a cohesive theme to be found anywhere.

You getting the picture yet?  Think Picasso's Guernica, but not in a good way.

I'm still DIY, but I think this may be the first time I won't embarrass myself.  Unless a big wind comes along... then you will see me cry.

I've got these tall, skinny lightweight necklace busts. I like them because they're neutral color, don't take up a lot of space, and were really inexpensive.  But they don't stand up even WITHOUT a breeze coming along.

I've glued them to a piece of poster board... the foam kind.  If they go, they all go together.  Weeha!

I found the most fabulous fabric (cheap, neutral color, doesn't seem to wrinkle easily) to cover my tables and shelf thingie.  I wanted 15 yards but they only had 11 so I took it and ran.

I have my old (very old) list of things to take to a craft show.  I need to update it after the show.  Right now I'm making a list of what I have to DO before the show.  It'll be tight.  I spent one entire day putting jewelry onto earring cards this week.  Don't laugh... I kid you not.

That entailed designing and printing the cards, making holes, attaching the items to the card (the rings are the hardest because I tie them on with fishing line), then adding the adhesive strip so I can hang them up.

I'm undecided if I want to have a clearance section   I do have older designs I want to get rid of.  Well, maybe a small corner of my booth.

I'm just about done (mentally, mostly) with the jewelry.  60% of what I have will probably stay home.  I would overwhelm the booth if I took everything I have.  I'll try out some of the new stuff... test market, so to speak.

The remaining days (other than when I'm teaching) will be finishing touches... and making rings.  I'm overdue on making rings.

And I want to make some rings for me to wear too.  My nails are to the point where they're driving me crazy.  I want to cut them.  But I'm thinking... I've got a show in 5 days... what if I just left them long and painted them, just for the show.  Then I could cut them as soon as I get home . I do want to look nice, after all.


  1. Hope you'll send along pics of your booth.....good luck:) Do you have a little poster of a movie star wearing your earrings? Such great advertising (if it's allowed)!

    1. Thanks Barbara! I'll try to remember to get photos. I don't have a poster, but I print a small page with some screen shots of the people wearing my jewelry.

  2. Laura, try Quake Hold to keep your displays from blowing over. It's really great, but just remember when you want to remove your display, you have to t-w-i-s-t and pull.

    Also, the fake acrylic fingernails that have double-sided tape, come already with color, are what I wear when I have to be presentable.

    1. Ah thanks Katherine. I looked up Quake Hold and only saw furniture straps. I'll keep looking, though. And good tip on the nails!