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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Work Focus, Virtual Kitty Time, June Jewelry Unveiling

Work Focus

Are you focused?

In your artwork, I mean.

Do you feel scattered, leaping from one design/project/idea/theme/technique to another or do you focus on one thing and work and work at it until it is, if not mastered, at least not amateur?

I kind of joke about it saying I have ADD of Jewelry Making, but the truth is, I'm just trying to find myself.  And now it's time to start focusing.

Next week, I put aside my one of a kind designs and anything else that is something I want to do "for fun".  Play time ends, just temporarily, while I get down to work.

My website looks too scattered and I want to bring it back to cohesion.

My second goal is to have identifiable designs. My first goal is to have cohesion.

So I've made a list of pieces of jewelry of mine that have sold well in the past.  I want to put them into production (my version of production is rather loose compared with others but it's more than what I'm used to).

The list includes:
  • Minimalist enamel earrings and pendants (including sgraffito)
  • Hammered silver message ring bands
  • Fairy rings
  • Hammered silver links bracelet
  • Hammered silver stacker rings
  • Spinner rings
I will sneak in work time for one of a kind projects, but I'd really like to concentrate on stocking my shop with the above listed items as soon as possible.

Doing all this work, for hours on end will strengthen my technical skills.  It's a win-win.

Virtually Playing with Cats

In case your "time wasted at the computer" hasn't met its quota yet, you may want to check out this awesome humane society in Utah.  They have set up a system so people around the globe can take turns playing with actual cats in real time by remotely controlling some toys in their shelter.

Here's the info on it.

And here's the link to play with the cats.

What's Next at Bracken Designs?

New jewelry launches Monday, June 1st at 9am PDT!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces...




See you there!

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