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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amazon's Handmade Marketplace, The Truth About Art Shows, Visual Explanation of Camera Settings

Last post I showed you what I'd made during my stint as a student at my local community college (taking jewelry making).

Here's the final piece I made in class (last Monday was the official last day of class).


Been doing a lot (A LOT!) of yard and otherwise house work... not housework like dishes and dusting, but housework like replacing water filter housings, installing curtain rods, and fixing toilets (yes, again).

I was taking photos this morning for my next  unveiling of the new stuff (Monday, June 1st) but the camera battery died so I figured while I was charging that up I may as well get a bit of orchard work in.

Here's our helper finding the shady spot (after getting underfoot, climbing trees I was pruning, and hiding in the leaf pulling tarp).

Another Handmade Selling Place?

So, have you heard about Amazon's upcoming handmade selling venture?  They sent invitations to apply to select Etsy sellers, but you can apply here too.

Here's an article about it (sort of).

Sad Truth Video

If you've ever done an art or craft show, you may enjoy this YouTube video.  Funny, but sadly accurate.  (Thanks for finding this one, Katherine!)

ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture

Here's a great visual for those who would like a little help understanding some of their camera's settings and how to better get what they want out of a photo.

And that's it for now... off to start the sprinklers again and then heading into the workshop.

Now that I've set the date of June 1st for my next reveal, I'd better make sure I can meet that deadline.

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