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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Resin-Filled Pendants, Shining Up Bronze, and Earbuds That Stay In My Ears

So back to that last batch of metal clay... I made two bronze bezels and filled them with various stuff (like poppy seeds and Kañiwa) and resin.

These I love...
... but just like any highly polished metal (including what you get from Zales, etc) they will dull when worn and exposed to body oils, fingerprints, elements, etc.  It's just a matter of shining them back up occasionally.  I truly hope my customers understand that.  I want them to be able to shine up their jewelry when needed with very little fuss, muss, or expense.

Here's a photo of a hammer-textured bronze ring pendant that I wore non-stop for a couple months.

The image on the left is right after I took the pendant off the chain.  It's dull because of water, soap, elements, and body oils.  After less than half a minute of polishing (the image on the right), not only does it shine but you can actually tell the metal has a texture.

And now just a bit more sharing of my morning adventures...

The horses and cows seem to enjoy people watching.

I have to give kudos to a pair of earbuds that finally stay in my ear.  Yurbuds, sport earphones, developed for women.  The package says "Guaranteed to never fall out". 

Inspire 100 for Women

And I can totally hear approaching cars on the road.  I'm very happy with them.

I went shoe shopping yesterday.  I figured with all this walking I should probably have some decent shoes.  Ideally two pair, but I'll work my way up.

First I tried on a bunch of walking sneakers.  They were all too narrow.

Then I tried on a bunch of hiking shoes.  They were wider, which is great for me, but something about them made the ball of my foot hurt.

I was about to give up when my friend suggested hiking sandals.  Tada!  Got myself a pair of men's Keen sandals.

Not "pretty", but I wore them today and everything seemed fine.  Yay!

I also got a pair of Injinji socks for when I alternate with my regular walking shoes (sneakers) because when my toes are close together (as they are in sneakers) I get blisters.
RUN 2.0 Lightweight Mini-Crew
So that's my life now.  I get up (usually pretty early), eat breakfast, then hit the road.  :-)  I kinda do feel like I have more energy even though it's only been a week of daily 5-mile walks.  Even if it's psychosomatic, I'll take it.  :-)

Just go.


  1. Our area looks very much like yours...horses, countryside...except for your green grass . You're really inspiring! As soon as the snow melts I really want to try the walks first thing in the morning. It seems much less disruptive than trying to fit it in after starting some project in the studio. I'll look forward to seeing how your landscape changes as the months go by. Oh, btw, I like the bronze clay with the earthy seeds - nice!

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks for the kind words on my resin pieces. That's cool that our countryside looks similar. I feel quite spoiled to live here, let me tell you. And you're right... walking first thing in the morning works for me because often things "come up" later in the day that I don't account for so if I waited until later, it might not happen. :-)