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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fitbit Flex and More Photos of Penryn

If I say, "I am having no problem getting my 10,000 steps in each day".  Some of you will know what I'm talking about.

Yes, I've jumped on the FitBit bandwagon.  Why?  Because I personally know someone who got one last year and it seems to work for them. 

Being held accountable on a daily basis is apparently what I need.

What's cool is that I don't keep track of my "steps"; the fitbit does.  I don't have to log anything... the info goes right from my bracelet to my computer (or phone).  And the food database is amazingly well-stocked.  I have yet to find an item that isn't in there so keeping track of calories in is a SUPER breeze.

For breakfast I had a Qrunch brand Quinoa burger.  How many of you have even heard of that?  But there it was so I didn't have to do any data input.

I've been wanting to up my activity level, and while I generally eat pretty healthily... watching the "calories in" has been very eye-opening. 

I want more energy in the day so I'm thinking more exercise combined with better food choices may make a difference.  But didn't I just say I eat pretty healthily?  Yes, but there's always room for improvement.

It also tracks my sleep patterns.  Tells me how long it takes me to fall asleep (usually a couple minutes), how many times I wake up in the night (usually only once or twice) and how restless I am (okay, I admit... I toss and turn a fair amount).  But tracking this can help me change things in my life that may afford me a better night's sleep if I compare sleep patterns to my evening activities (like reading before bed instead of tv before bed).

10,000 steps is the basic threshhold for daily activity.  Next threshhold is 15,000.  10,000 steps is about 4 miles (for me, anyway... I think for most it's 5 miles, but I'm short so my stride is shorter).  10,000 steps is a pretty easy goal to achieve with one good walk a day (less than an hour) and then just regular old daily walking around while life goes on.

I'm also really enjoying my early morning walks.  You saw some of the scenery in my last post.

And since I hate routine, today I went the other direction, stopped at my friend's house for a quick visit, and she walked back to my house with me.  How fun!  We timed it well too because it started to pour as soon as we got back to the house (I drove her back home as we had planned anyway).

I was looking at Google Maps and there are tons of little roads I can veer off to try to keep me from getting bored.  And after that, I can drive to places where I'll walk and see different scenery.

When you walk, you see so many things that you don't know when you're driving.  And we drive these roads every single day.

Today we stopped to look at some cool owl droppings (they're cool because they have lots of little skulls in them).  Don't worry; I won't show you a photo.

We also saw geese on top of a barn.

We noticed that the palm trees are all tagged.  And speaking of palm trees... watch out for falling leaves... sheesh!

Yesterday a wild hare ran across my path.  I don't see too many of those around here.

These, however, I do see many around.

And doesn't it make sense that if citrus trees are so abundant during winter, there might be something legitimate to the idea that vitamin C helps fight winter viruses and bugs?

Monday was kinda of a throwaway day.  They're tougher on me than other days because I process SRAJD applications and have school from 7am-1pm.  My plan was to get to school early and get my walking in before class, but that didn't work out.  Well, there's always next week.  Truthfully, I think my feet put in a private protest.  They are getting pretty blistered.  I'm going to go to REI this week and see about getting some good walking shoes and socks.  Wish me luck coming out of there under $150.

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