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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sharing the SRAJD Weekly Jewelry Making Challenges for April and May


Wanted to share with you a piece I made for one of the SRAJD weekly challenges.  The theme was Kyoto, Japan.

Here’s what I wrote about my entry:  There is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto called Kinkaku-ji, which I think translates to Temple of the Golden Pavilion.  During restoration of the historic pavilion, the building was gilded (painted with layers of gold leaf).  It is said the gold employed was to mitigate and purify any pollution or negative thoughts and feelings towards death. My piece represents the pagoda style tiered roofs of the pavilion with homage to the gilding.  I’ve added three pink accents to symbolize the cherry blossoms of the beautiful surrounding gardens.”

And here’s the piece.

The next weekly challenge in June was Deadvlei, Namibia.

Here’s what I made for that.

In this previous blog post, I showed you the links for the first month, which was GEOMETRIC.

Here are the links for the ELEMENTS (April) and GREEK GODS AND GODDESSES (May).

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