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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Free Hemp Cord Bracelet Tutorial, First Metal Clay Student, and eBay's Unintentional Insult


I was trying to update my sorely out of date eBay store the other day and took offense to one of their automatic “suggestions” as I created my listing.

I was revamping a pair of very simple, hammered sterling earrings.   

One of my lowest priced items at $22.  This, however, is what I saw as I edited my listing…

All this "make me an offer" crap is bad enough, but no, eBay, I *do not* think that similar items had a price between $5.00 and $13.99…. because I am not a sweatshop nor do I use plated silver.  So anyone doing what I do, wouldn’t charge $5 for these… sorry but I guess I’ll have to stick with “attracting fewer buyers”.

Whatever.  Ha ha ha!


A year (or two?) ago, some of my jewelry making friends let me pretend to teach them some stuff so I could see how freaked out I get at the idea of being a teacher.  The day was fun but much more socializing than learning.

Yesterday I had my first actual focused teaching session for metal clay.  As recommended by Hadar’s teaching structure, we started with the simple collage pendant (which I don’t really think is all that simple, so had a wee bit of trepidation).

Student informed me it WAS a good starting point and had we done something simpler, such as stamp-textured pendants without bails, she wouldn’t have felt half as accomplished and proud of her piece as she did.

Here it is (the pendant is only one inch so this is enlarged)


I posted a couple months ago about a little demo I did for a girl scout troop so they could get their creative arts badge (something like that… don’t remember the exact name).  Anyway, I went to all the trouble of writing up a pictorial tutorial for the bracelets we made and I hate for all my hard work to go to waste… ha ha ha… so I’m including it on my website.

And that gave me the idea to include my other free tutorials on there too.  I just need to find time to add them.  Soon, hopefully, and I’ll probably mention it here when I do so stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter.

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