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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adding Off Site Links to Your Etsy Shop, Recycled Jewelry, Stamping on Metal Clay, Invaluable Tools, Argentium Prices


I’m doing this challenge with the EtsyMetal team I belong to where we’re trying for one year to reuse, recycle, and repurpose stuff we’ve already got in our workshop.  Here’s what I came up with for the first week.
The enameled heart was supposed to be earrings but something happened to his mate.  The textured bronze heart was a teaching example.  The silk ribbon I’ve had for years.  I buy things ‘cause they’re cool or beautiful (or usually both) and then never use them.  Argh!  So anyway, I put all three together and now have a unique and funky necklace for sale.

These little hearts were old stock copper that I’d probably prefer to hoard since my supply is limited but that’s NOT the mentality I need.  I hate using something I know I will never see again, but I can’t keep everything.  So I enameled on these and they turned out so stinking cute!  I did the first few with the torch, but then switched to the kiln for the transparent colors because the base coat on those is white and I can’t keep white enamel clean with my torch.

Stamping on Metal Clay

Someone asked me the other day if you can stamp on already fired metal clay.  So I tested it out and the answer is yes.  On flat pieces, anyway.

This metal is softer and more porous than traditional metal, so go easier with your hammer blows.

Invaluable Tools

Okay, these aren’t really tools, but they are two things in my workshop I’d hate to live without… and both recommended to me by the same person.  Thanks Elizabeth Dauch.  And thanks for gifting one of them to me.  You rock!

So the two tools (or items, really) are…
A cup bur for my dremel.  I love this so much better than using the hand tool.  Sorry traditionalists.

And a universal chuck for my dremel.  This thing saves me HOURS each week, I'm sure.  Ha ha ha!  All the dremel bits I need in any given jewelry making session seem to alternate in shank size so I used to have to change the collet out constantly.  Ugh!  Now, it's SOOOOO easy to use any bit size I want.  Yay, universal!

Etsy’s Latest Announcement

Speaking of yay... now, apparently you CAN list your other website(s) in your Etsy shop/listings.  According to this article called Clarifying Offsite Linking Policies (click to read), here’s the current stance on non-Etsy links…

“As long as you’re not urging or suggesting that your buyers leave Etsy to make a purchase, you’re welcome to include any links you want in your shop - to your personal website, your blog, other online venues, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.”

Keep in mind that although you can put these URLs in your shop announcement, your item descriptions, and your profile, they will only be clickable (hyperlinks) in this special section of your About page.

This section is called RELATED LINKS.

To get links into those spots on your About page:

Go to YOUR SHOP: BLAH BLAH STORE NAME (upper right of your Etsy screen).

Click on “Info & Appearance”

Click on the second tab there… “About”

Scroll all the way down to “Shop Links”

Add what you want there and hit SAVE.
Argentium Prices

And last but not least, in case anyone wants to ride on the coattails of my research today… I was looking up prices for one ounce of 20 gauge Argentium.  Here’s the breakdown…


  1. Thanks for your research on silver prices. I tend to avoid FMG because they're so pricey, but doing the side-by-side comparison really shows just how much!

  2. Great argentium price comparison - especially if you ever wondered how much more expensive FMG is. Wow!

    I also didn't know about the off site links in Etsy - handy! Thanks for all the good information.

  3. Thanks for your price comparisons. When shopping, you really have to do your math and calculate and compare same-to-same. Over the years, I have found great pricing at Santa Fe Jewelry Supply, too.