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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Arts and Crafts Inspiration and William de Morgan in particular, Turquoise and Copper Spiral Earrings, Some Haight Ashbury Inspiration, Heat Patina Steel, Halstead Bead Coupons, and DIY Jewelry Displays

Didn’t get any jewelry done this week because Monica’s visiting from college and we took a trip to San Francisco so she could get on the ice with her brother and help coach some young goalies.

I did, however, pick up another used book on the arts and crafts moment...
... and made a couple sketches of ideas I want to try in jewelry design. 

I was just telling someone today how I’ve never been able to draw, paint, carve, or sculpt, but I have found the benefit of trying to put down on paper an idea when I get the inspiration.  Otherwise, it’s just too easy to forget it no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t.  Let's just say I rely heavily on the notes I make in the margins.

So here’s the “stick drawing” version of my sketches from the weekend.  Hopefully I’ll be able to translate some of my ideas into jewelry form (and then we’ll compare them to the original sketches).

In that book, there is a really cool fish vase (not this one) by William de Morgan.  Want some inspiration?  Do a google image search of him (or click here).

BTW, I wanted to thank all of you who leave comments on my blog.  I love hearing from you.  Thanks!

Last week, I showed you a pair of earrings that will go along with an upcoming tutorial.  Here’s is another pair that will be in a tutorial (maybe the same tutorial) as well as my next eclass.  If you're interested in purchasing them (or seeing more photos), click here.

They’re distressed copper spirals with Turquoise charms. 

Oh, also, when I was in San Francisco yesterday…
… while strolling around Haight Ashbury, I saw a dress in a store window and had to snap a pic of the fabric. 

I could totally be inspired to make something in neutral colors with pops of red like that.

Then I saw a row of houses and looking up at the pop-outs thought of an idea for a necklace.  Theory doesn’t always translate well into practice, but I’d like to give it a shot and see what I get.

From the Internet (snippets I collect as I go):

Here’s an interesting article about adding heat patina to steel, click here to read the article.  Here’s a photo from the article.  Pretty cool, huh?  And while you’re there… just look around and drool.

I don’t know how many of my readers shop at HalsteadBead.com, but here’s a link to their latest coupons (click here for link).  They have free items and discount items that change every week.  I always make sure to nab the free item when I place an order and about half the time the discounted item is something worth ordering as well.

Belong to Pinterest?  Here’s a great board Robin Johnston put together showing various ideas for displays at craft shows.  Click here to access the board.

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