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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hidden Message Necklace, Ancient Artifact Earrings, and Family Time

My Work

I made a couple of simple mixed metal disks and knew instantly they were part of my Ancient Artifact line.

I also took part in a jewelry challenge in one a metalsmith group I belong to.  The theme was “hidden message”.  For this piece I cut some copper tubing, pierce holes in it (for the jumpring), drew a pattern on it, etched it, added a patina, then placed a secret message inside and sealed it with resin.  This piece is a personal reminder to the wearer to live in the moment.

I also made a couple of beaded bracelet during the filming of my first eclass.  You can see those on my website homepage.

My Life

I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing my first eclass (basic jewelry crimping), getting stuff ready for Monica to start college, keeping up with my metal clay training, visiting family and friends, and running the SRAJD Project Runway challenges.

I had a fun day with my son and his girlfriend going to the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Check out this cool pattern on one of the exhibits.  I’m thinking I’ve got to incorporate that into a piece of jewelry somehow.

Monica just got back from Boston.  She met some amazing people there and had a great time (tournament and goalie camp).  Here she is with her #1 local fan.

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