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Thursday, March 21, 2013

eBay's New Fee Schedule and Etched Geekery

eBay’s changing their fee schedules

“EBay said on Tuesday it will overhaul fees for sellers on its online marketplace, stepping up competition with Amazon.com. EBay is scrapping its complex, tiered set of "final value fees," calculated as a percentage of an item's sale price, and introducing flat-rate fees based on product categories.”

“Many sellers will pay lower fees after the changes, especially those who are not volume sellers and list less than 12,250 times per month…”

Click here for the story on MSN

Click here for the info straight from eBay

Score! Went to the Discovery Shop (like Goodwill) and found a stack of stainless steel bowls for about one-fifth what I pay for them elsewhere. These are what I use to fire bronze and copper clay. So happy to have found them and a great variety of sizes.

Some new items...

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I did some etching (including one custom order option and two totally geek pieces).


  1. Just curious, I also fire metal clay, what do you use as a lid or do you, with the bowls?

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    For White Bronze (aka, one-firing step), I don't use a lid.

    But for all the other metal clays (that require a two-step firing), I use either a scrap piece of steel or the lid from a pan I got from Smart & Final.

    It doesn't even have to fit perfectly because I want to maintain holes/gaps for the binder smoke to escape from.

  3. Thanks Laura, I have only used a container that came with a lid. But I like the idea of using other shapes. I have never tried white bronze, maybe someday.