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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a day of cleaning (and destash beads)

Today I began polishing my steel metal clay pieces. I really enjoy the process of polishing metal.

I also listed a bunch of new beads in my Etsy destash section.

I cleaned up the soldering, tumbling, enameling, jewelry making, hammering mess I made the previous two days.

Placed an order with Rio Grande.

And by golly, that’s about it.

Tomorrow is SRAJD application processing day so I can’t estimate how much workshop work I’ll get done.


  1. OMGosh... I Laughed so Hard at that Pic, I Startled my Dog. Thanx for the Laugh Laura! =))

  2. I think your cat deserves a "RELAXED" caption on that photo - lol (How did that leap to the deer head happen? Amazing spring in those paws!)