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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dr. Seuss Enamel Earrings and A Necklace Giveaway

This Friday I'm giving away a necklace from my Etsy shop. I will select the winner from the people who have "admired" the necklace. I'm not letting on which necklace it is that I'm giving away, but go ahead and add a necklace in my Etsy shop to the list of items you admire and see if you end up winning it. :-) Click here to see the necklace section

Aside from a special project I’m working on and aside from the tutorial I’m trying to get out as fast as possible, I managed a little enameling time recently.

Here are my efforts. Two pair of “Dr. Seuss inspired” earrings, one organic pair of earrings, one cosmic feel pair, and in keeping with the “it’s full of stars!” theme… a cosmic feel pendant and earrings.

(Click a photo for more info.)

21 photos to restore your faith in humanity.

And now back to work. Will be enameling tomorrow so what to try out my new solder today… make some shapes to be enameled.

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