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Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Bronze Metal Clay Pieces and Test Firing White Bronze Clay

A couple of new items first:

Been going through my metal clay books and trying some of the projects. Here’s another one from one of Hadar Jacobson’s books:

Here’s me practicing hollow forms with additional layers on top:

And a couple of bronze and copper rings for my Ancient Artifact line:

New listings going up tonight… more bronze metal clay and then four new items of textured and riveted copper.

Decided to try a new clay this week… white bronze. I hurriedly made some test pieces and put them in the kiln. No sense in spending hours creating a piece if I don’t even know how they’ll survive the first firing attempt.

Here are the results… first, straight out of the klin and second, after brushing clean.

And now I’m heading over to a friend’s house to play with enamels.



  1. Wow!! Nice job...these are great! I have been looking at the bronze clays but have not tried them yet.

  2. Thanks Patricia! I also waited awhile before trying both the bronze and the silver.

    I think it's an awesome medium.