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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Selling Your Scrap Metals, Gold-Filled Defined, Finally Get Your Show Banner, and New Jewelry Listings

What is “Gold-Filled”?

Here’s an article describing the process. The visuals are really helpful.

Where Can I Sell My Silver/Gold Scraps?

And if you’re planning to destash some of your bits and pieces, Midwest Refineries has gotten rave reviews by some of my friends. I will be shipping a baggie of silver very soon.

Ever Wanted a Sign for Your Shows?

I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but FedEx is having a killer sale right now on signage.

The sale.

Outdoor banners, used to be $135, now $60
Indoor banners, used to be $120, now $60

New Jewelry Listings

I got a couple new items up for sale. One of the listings is for these long earrings, and you get to choose if you want an orange Spessartite Garnet, a dark red Almandine Garnet, or a bright green Peridot.

And a necklace of fine silver and Toni Lutman glass beads (“Three Moons”).

Dog or wookie?

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