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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm a prima donna

I have a real aversion to typing on a laptop. I suppose that given enough time I'd get used to it, but for now I feel less than fluid.

Got a GOOD night's sleep last night. Yay! The boys are still sleeping, but I'll have to wake them up soon as practice is at 11am.

I haven't met anyone on the teams yet other than a couple of the girls and one mom. All SUPER nice!!!

Saw a photo of the Honda and figure it's going to be a total loss. Well, will wait to hear from my insurance company now that the other insurance company is disputing if they were in fact covering the other driver (seriously, how can it take more than one day to figure it out?! You either were covering him or you weren't).

OKay, just wanted to touch base with everyone and say I'm alive and well. If I get time, I'll be working on a new line of Viking knit bracelets for the website.


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