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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monterey Bay Aquarium, New Jewelry, Hard-Wired Nurturers, Planet Earth, Metal Etching


Oh, big week (behind me now). Played around with some more metal-etching.

(This one is already sold)

“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend -- or a meaningful day.”

This one I have decided to make into a bracelet rather than sell as a component (not listed yet).

Here are a pair of earrings listed and still available:

Oh, I also posted a video (sort of) to YouTube showing most of the steps for this form of metal-etching that I’m doing. So many of my customers were asking. Thanks!

PLANET EARTH (on the Discovery Channel, I think)

As I was trying to fall asleep last night at 1am or so (just got back from picking Mon up from San Diego tournament), there was a show on tv with a segment on penguins and it was captivating.

I had to turn the tv off so I wouldn’t be tempted to watch it. I’ll catch a repeat or see if it’s on NetFlix. It was an episode of Planet Earth. This one: http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/planet-earth/guide/ice-worlds.html

I totally have to see it again… the baby penguins are cuter than anything I’ve seen in ages. Watching the hungry polar bear was very sad and I was rooting for him to get one of the walruses. :-(


And speaking of cute, that got me to wondering how much Gabe’s experience of the Aquarium (and other things too) differed from my experience.

If I see something “cute”, I have a fondness for it. It makes me feel happy. But I think women are hard-wired for that.

And I don’t mean “hard-wired” as in genetics… I mean “hard-wired” as in primal instincts.

Human newborns aren’t able to fend for themselves, and they don’t do much to endear themselves to us (they cry, they poop, they don’t help in the slightest, etc). So… nature instilled in us a primal instinct to adore them in a nearly foolproof way. Women (mostly) were given the ability to get all mushy over infants (this carries over into infants of almost all species).

So I would say getting “mushy” over cute things is a survival instinct… keeps our infants cared for and helps keep the species surviving.

I speak in generalizations, but have no current doubt that this “thing” most people and almost ALL women feel for babies is a hard-wired survival instinct and not something we learned from our environment.

Thought for today: Activate your ocytocin!

So, I will quit saying to any man, “Oh c’mon, how can you not think that is the cutest thing ever!? Doesn’t is just melt your heart?!” I will try to remember that we each see the world differently and we each react to the world differently. Some of these differences can be learned and some can be hard-wired. But don’t assume that everyone sees/feels what I see/feel.


Aside from the one that sold and the one that isn’t made into a bracelet yet, I do have a few other new listings.

Click any photo for more info:

I put up some colorful gemstone pendant necklaces (that are already selling quickly)…

Oh, don’t forget that last batch of one-penny auctions I listed ends tomorrow!

The listings


So yeah, Gabe and I went there yesterday. Here are a couple photos (more later), but please keep in mind these were taken with a cell phone and with flash turned off.

I’ve always loved the fish tanks filled with saturated colors of fish.

I was totally bummed that the otter exhibit was closed yesterday. I’m not a bird person, so the flamingo exhibit was a poor substitute.

Jellyfish fascinate me.

And science fiction looking plant life.

Turtles are cool too (even when they’re tortoises and I don’t know the difference so just call them all turtles).

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