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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creative Whining, 50% off Sale, How to Have an Etsy Sale


“I don’t want to do this side of the business.  I just want to create things.”

Today, after listening to someone else (in an online forum) complain about how they’d rather do the fun part of this business (creating the item) and not have to do the pricing, listing, photographing, marketing, etc… well, I realized what a boob I, too, am… because I have said similar.

Until it comes out of someone else’s mouth, you don’t realize how pompous and snobbish it sounds.

Sorry, but doing “those other things” is part of it… so buck up and shut up (or decide that you only want a hobby, not a business).  That message is to me. 

I will try hard from now on to never sound like a whiny prima donna who feels she’s too good for the grunt work. 

Whether or not that’s how one really feels when they say those things, that’s how it comes off.  *shudder*


Now… speaking of *shudder*…. Aside from the three items that are currently at 30% off in my store… I just listed 16 more at 50% off!!!  EEEK!  Must be my spooky Halloween sale.  :-)

Perfect time for Christmas shopping...


BTW, if you ever wanted to run a sale on your Etsy shop but didn’t want to go in and make all the changes, try this.


Gabe’s team leaves tomorrow morning (via bus) for Arizona.

Mon arrived in Toronto a couple hours ago… first game tomorrow.

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