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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Jewelry Listings

Just realized I never told you the outcome of the tournament. They won three and tied one, which was good enough to get them into the championship game. It was a good game but the other goalie stopped 36 out of 37 shots, giving the other team a 2-1 win over our team.

This is going to be an exciting season. This team is going to develop like crazy, I can just tell.

I listed new items and have been busy with already shipping some of them out. I love it when new listings sell within 24 hours of posting.

Anyway, here are the new items. The ones that you can click on are ones that are still available:

"ATUM" One of a Kind Sterling Silver Chain Maille Bracelet with Patina and Bronze Metal Clay Scarab Charm

"Gustav's Girl" One of a Kind Bronze Metal Clay Textured Pendant Frame on Sterling Silver Rolo Chain

"Ares" One of a Kind Necklace of SRA Lampwork Glass and Sterling Silver from the Fidget Jewelry Line

"Orbs" Necklace and Earring Set of Small Turquoise Cabachon Set in Sterling Silver Circles on Rolo Chain

"Blue Quad" Lapis Lazuli and Blue Chalcedony Briolette Gemstones on Sterling Silver Rolo Necklace

"Purple Quad" Small Faceted Amethyst Briolette Gemstone Beads on Sterling Silver Rolo Necklace

"Baby Blues" Tiny Turquoise Raised Ovals in Unique Settings Sterling Silver Rolo Chain Necklace with Earrings






The other day, I took one of my email accounts and pared it down from 4354 emails to 236. Whew! I also unsubscribed from another 15 places that were sending me newsletters I never asked for.


Oh, speaking of newsletters, let me tell you something that’s actually cool about being on mine. First, I only send out ONE email a month. In that email I tell you about sales I’m having that month. I also sometimes talk about jewelry care, tips, resources, etc. Second, on the last day of each month I have a random drawing from all the names on my email list and present one lucky winner with a $25 gift certificate to be spent on any purchase(s) in my Bracken Designs website store (including on my sale and/or clearance items).

If you want to be on my email list, send me a message by clicking here.


I’m one of those people who get a lot of email in a day. Sometimes I read a message but I’m not in a place or at a time where I can respond, but by the time I *am* in a place where I can respond I’ve had so much more email that the other one got buried and… sadly, I occasionally forget to respond to one I really wanted to respond to.

If you feel this may have happened to you, please email me a reminder. I don’t ignore people on purpose.

Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes I delete emails that I probably shouldn’t have, but in this I feel I have little choice. If I don’t recognize the “sender”, I go by what is in the message line. If it’s something that makes no sense to me, I will delete it without opening the email. I do this because of the massive amount of spam I receive in my public email accounts.

So if you want to get my attention, it’s probably best not to just write “hi” or “order” in the subject line or to leave it blank. I didn’t used to delete these kinds of emails… but a few years of opening them only to see URLs to online pharmacies has taught me better.

Not sure this is entertaining or scary as heck.

"There are no facts, only interpretations." Friedrich Nietzsche

funny pictures-I never knew you had  an indoor pool !
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funny pictures-Look lady, I'm just saving  *someone*  from an  "Ugly Christmas Sweater"  predicament.
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Goin’ to my happy place…
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funny pictures-Well, if you'd move my kitty bed into the sunbeam,  I wouldn't have to sleep on the cold, hard carpet.
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Long-Tailed Macaque Adopts Abandoned Kitten

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1 comment:

  1. I came across your blog while frustratingly looking up jewelry photography info (not that I have not done it before!). I make jewelry and cannot get a good photo...your blog post from 2009 described your frustration as well. The photos are my weakest link.

    Your photos and your jewelry are great! Would you mind sharing what equipment you're using and what your set up is? I am really very impressed with those beautiful photos!

    oh, and as a cat lover I love your kitty/animal funnies on your blog. Just what I needed after a day of getting nothing accomplished except for having created a photo studio mess in my jewelry studio, argh.

    great work!