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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Redwood Trails, Podcasts, More Grill


I’d like to thank all those who cared enough to send me book recommendations through my blog comments, through email, and through my facebook. It’s very much appreciated and I will let you know the follow up as I begin my selections.

BTW, I didn’t mention the Twilight series of books in my last blog post because I didn’t read the books, but I loved the movies (much to my daughter’s chagrin) and have no doubt that I would have loved the books.


Our new thing is taking Bear for walks in the Redwoods parks here.

I’m not in the greatest physical shape… yet… but I’m getting better all the time. Getting to know which trails are more level and which ones are all hill.


Turns out our building did get hit during that night of downtown Oakland protests... well, vandals, really... I think the violence had little to do with the protests.

These windows are two stories tall and about an inch thick... or were.


I actually have stuff to put up, but I’ve been occupied with other things (as you can tell by the scarcity of blog posts). I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, though.

Also on the schedule for tomorrow is taking Monica clothes shopping before her New York trip.

Gabe’s taking her to X-Sport tomorrow to buy her some knee pads (with his own money!).


So, what’s been taking up some of my time lately? Part of it is just getting used to the switch in everything computer-oriented… new monitor, new software, new operating system (Windows 7), and transferring only the necessities over to the new harddrive. Setting up the printer, setting up my postage software, remembering a million logins and passwords, etc.

I’m not complaining… just letting you know why I didn’t blog for a few days. Everything seems to be working great… I’ve printed postage, printed documents, edited photos, etc.


I’m still lovin’ this indoor grill. We use it about five times a week. My best purchase last year was the skinny drawer craft cabinets and my best purchase this year is the indoor grill.

Mahi, squash and onions…

funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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