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Monday, July 26, 2010



Yes, I finally broke out the metal clays again. Yesterday, I made a few small beads/components, dried them, filed them, and did the first firing. Tonight, I’ll do phase two in the kiln and hopefully I’ll have something tomorrow to show for my efforts.

I didn’t do any big projects… I was just kind of getting my feet wet again.

Now, speaking of metal clay, I’d like to remind you of Hadar’s blog with awesome tips and techniques.

One entry of particular note is “compatibility chart for firing different clays together”: which metal clays can be fired in one piece, in one firing, and at what schedule. The chart also shows which metals can be fired together in more than one firing.


Today I’d like to share with you the work of someone who, to me, epitomizes the word “organic” when it comes to lampwork beads. Truthfully, she does way way WAY more than organic, but her work is the first that comes to my mind when someone mentions that word.

I was going to blog about Amber several days ago, but I got caught up in other things and never blogged at all. So… the auction I was going to show you is already gone, but you still HAVE to see these beads (click the pic for more info).

Sorry guys. They’re sold… but, here are some other goodies that I simply must share with you:

I love this next one too… reminds me of a canopic jar.

Oh, and for the record, Amber is one of the nicest people you will ever ever ever meet online (probably in person too, but I only know her online).

Thanks for letting me share, Amber!


Ran across this today…

I’ll save for it. Looks pretty neat.


So, I settled on two. I’m (re)reading one of the Cat Who mysteries (surprisingly still interesting). And I’m reading my first Ayn Rand… sort of cheating… it’s just a novella, but it’s a start.

Thanks again to everyone who recommended books for me. I will go through the list and let you know how it goes.


For the record, I really miss it! I miss going to watch my kids play. I miss talking to the cool moms. I don’t miss driving to practices, but it shouldn’t be so bad this year with just Monica.

Mon’s on the ice as I type this. They won their first game and have one today and one tomorrow.

No update on Gabe yet, but I am on my toes for last minute notice if we have to send him somewhere.

Well, I’d better go… TTYL!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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